After closing time..

The bar here at Riverside Backpackers officially closes at 11 pm.

Last night it was about 12:15 before the last of the guys finished their “last call” drinks. It took so long because one of them kept falling asleep, and the other one had already reached his limit.

Tiredness and drunkenness aside they decided to go to another place and keep going, they shouldn’t have…

At the third bar (a girlie bar a couple of streets away, in the blue light district) the sleepy guy fell asleep again, while he was sleeping the other one got into an argument with one of the girls, so when they left the bar her friends were waiting outside, he got whacked over the head with something he insists was a sword. Head wounds bleed, they bleed a lot…

His tired friend woke up and got them out of there. Apparently just in time

Head wound or not he decided to just go home, so this morning when the alcoholic anesthesia wore off, he went to the hospital for stitches.

They are now sitting outside telling everyone about their adventure.