Our rooms

Our hostel has 10 very different rooms as well as a dorm, so we think we will have something to suit you.

The cheapest option is the dorm room. With AC, your own locker and wide bunk beds, this is a great choice for the price conscious traveller. The dorm has 6 bunk beds, and two bathrooms are available.

We have 3 single rooms with shared bathrooms, all fan cooled. If you want to stay in your own room but don’t want to splurge out on the room, this may be the option for you. These rooms do not have windows.

The single room with private bathroom is fan cooled, and is an option for a bit more privacy than you would get without the private bathroom. The room is slightly bigger than the other single rooms – and the bed is big enough that two close friends could easily share the bed. This room has no windows.

We have two rooms with one double bed and a private bathroom, both have both fan and AC available.  One room is on ground floor, the other is on 2nd floor – the one on ground floor has a top window in the bathroom, the other one does not have windows.

There are two rooms with two double beds and private bathrooms, each of which would suit 4 adults, and maybe a child or two extra (depending on their size). The rooms have both AC and fan, one has a window in the room, the other has a shudder in the bathroom, so a bit of day light is an option.

Finally, our big balcony room. Fitted with an extra large AC and two wall fans, this 50 m2 room would fit a family of 4-6 people – or just someone who enjoys a little bit of luxury. You can see the river from the balcony, which makes it is a good place to sit and relax in the mornings or evenings.