Running breakfasts

We have a breakfast menu, a fairly straightforward one, 5 versions of eggs, some combinations of fruit, yogurt, muesli, pancakes and juice, nothing too extraordinary, but it can get complicated enough when you are making breakfast for 7 people at 6:15 AM, naturally they don’t all want the same, but when the eggs suddenly run out, the bread turns out to be slices too large for the toaster, the butter has been left in the freezer and someone has stolen most of our spoons, it gets a littleĀ  bit stressful.

I have no idea why someone would steal our spoons, but there were only 3 left in the kitchen this morning. Luckily I just had time between customers to wash up.

Right now I’m thinking about ways to lock up the kitchen at night so no one runs off with the forks.